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Sample Category - 15-08-2023 - Samantha Kiani - 0 comments
Am I too sensitive? What even is gaslighting? Don’t be a dick.
The question ‘Am I too sensitive?' has come up often in my coaching practice, equally often in the context of ‘my boss' or romantic partner. It's a horrible feeling. We question ourselves. We feel that our feelings are inappropriate somehow. We feel a bit out of our depth or on an uneven keel. In a team workshop I ran recently, they complained several times of ‘cor
Sample Category - 03-08-2023 - Samantha Kiani - 0 comments
Why is change so damn hard?!
Humans struggle so much with change because we want to avoid uncertainty. Of course some of us are wired to seek out new and unknown experiences far more than others, but still ‘too much' uncertainty and we start to struggle. He may be controversial, but Tony Robbins made a great contribution to coaching and psychology when he took Maslow's hierarchy of needs and adapted it into
Sample Category - 13-07-2023 - - 0 comments a narcissist - why why why can't I make this relationship work???
There’s something important about human psychology – we tend to believe what people say regardless of what they do.  We focus on what is said, rather than focussing on what the patterns of behaviour are.    This week in both the world of work and in love, I’ve been reminded of this as I coac
Sample Category - 28-06-2023 - Samantha Kiani - 0 comments
What the F&^% is LOVE?
I think that Hollywood, Bollywood and the likes of Disney have polluted our minds and distorted what real love, real friendship is.  What it is, how we experience it, what it looks, sounds and feels like. We think if we are strongly attracted, its love.  If a relationship isn’t working, it’s not love.  If it&rsqu
Sample Category - 01-06-2023 - Samantha Kiani - 0 comments
When Relationships Get ill.... and how to detox your relationship
When it really matters, we typically don’t talk about our feelings and what we are longing for, we talk about what’s wrong.  Maybe we try to talk about how we feel but somehow it seems to cause a row.   We want for more, we feel let down, we may fe
Sample Category - 26-05-2023 - - 0 comments
Feeling a bit meh, a bit lonely?  Intimacy, loneliness and finding our way back
Today we explore the 4 big interconnected territories of intimacy and loneliness, communication and our needs… Intimacy is that feeling of connection and trust that arises from feeling really seen, heard and understood; shared moments of emotional connection in time.  That yum yum yum heart smiley feeling that seems to fill us also with
Sample Category - 19-05-2023 - - 0 comments
Feeling sorely unappreciated?  It might just be a plumbing problem….
Growing up, I was sure my Mum hated me.  The things she said to me seemed to a deliberate attempt to hurt me.  It seemed like no one understood me.  Seemed like I was the black sheep of the family, I just didn’t fit in.    I discovered later (after much therapy, inner work a
Sample Category - 19-04-2023 - Samantha Kiani - 0 comments
Self Awareness and Conflict

Interesting to notice how we can unconciously create conflict - and how by elevating our awareness we can suffer so much less, have better relationships and enjoy the process of achievement so much more!

Sample Category - 01-03-2023 - - 0 comments
Exploring Resilience - Part 1

What is Resilience?  

Sample Category - 28-02-2022 - Sam Kiani - 0 comments
Leadership: Busting The Myths of Perfection

I've been thinking deeply about what it means to be a great team mate, what it is to be a good leader.

Sample Category - 28-02-2022 - Sam Kiani - 0 comments
Being SEEN and Secrets of Self Confidence

This is the moment I met and had a great conversation with the great John Gray, author of many books including Beyond Mars and Venus, one of the best on relationships in todays world. I felt confident and comfortable in my own skin, but it hasn't always been this way.

Sample Category - 28-02-2022 - Sam Kiani - 0 comments
Authenticity vs Fitting in

Here's me being silly in Oslo ????????

Looking at this sculpture art work made me think...

Sample Category - 28-02-2022 - Sam Kiani - 0 comments
The Power of Self Awareness and slowing down in high powered Corporate Life

Below I share with you a story from my journey in Self-Awareness and Slowing Down, including a significant realisation from my life at the sharp end of corporate life that has massively helped me up my game and improve my performance. 



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