Rei Ki Energy Treatment

Therapeutic Time For You

When you need an 'energy shower', a deep clean and reset to bring you back into alignment with who you really are - this treatment is for you.

You are likely to feel your stress melt away, feel aligned again with who you truly are. Feel your energy boosted and be able to sleep better.

You can expect to receive Rei Ki throughout the whole treatment; the mix of sound bath to pure Rei Ki can be tailored to your preference. How frequently and how many treatments you feel you need is very personal to each of us and also what we are going through in our lives. The aim is not to make you dependent on Rei Ki, rather to help you also learn how to connect to this universal flow of energy through deep presence.


What You'll Get

I combine the discipline of energy healing from the Japanese lineage of Mikao Usui with Sound healing as I find this combination particularly effective.

  • Sessions are 75 mins and take place in person at 7 Havelock Walk
  • You remain fully dressed throughout the treatment and you relax on a massage table for this treatment
  • You will lay on a very special infrared warming 'Higher Dose' PEMF mat which uses two powerful technologies to help you detox and enhance your body's natural recovery process
  • Crystal therapy to fight off free radicals & the charcoal, clay and magnetic layers help flush out toxins. Profoundly relaxing and restoring
  • Sound healing involves Crystal Singing Bowls and 3 different types of rattle (one that shifts stagnant energy, one that sweeps stagnant energy away and one that cleanses the aura)


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