My Story

I had a long career in project and programme management and specialised in helping struggling businesses and teams achieve success, but around 8 years ago I started to really lose heart and faith in what we were doing because nothing was working and morale was at an all time low, both personally and professionally in the working environment around me.

During this ‘low’ point of my city career, I volunteered in my free time as a mentor for young, unaccompanied young people seeking asylum here in London for three years. This changed my life and I really connected with my sense of purpose. Matt the supervisor explained I was doing far more than mentoring and was coaching these incredible young men.

In my professional life I participated in some fantastic internal agile training that led me to Enterprise Agile Coach training. Today’s world of ‘agile’ is so much broader in scope than the original software development movement with such a rich seam of resources and community, it’s a real pleasure to be in this space.

In my personal life, as a biohacker I had been following Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Executive Blog for some time and had seen the launch of the Human Potential Institute who have a very deep and thorough approach to coaching. It was so obvious the need to deepen coaching skills to complement Enterprise Agile Coaching and so I had no excuses left not to enrolled in their ICF certified Professional Coach Training.


I’m a yogi, runner and long time meditator with a love for freedom, but there’s nothing I love more than walking my now very old dog in a forest or beach with my husband and cooking a clean and delicious meal for those I love.

The lasting, truly incredible shifts real clients have made working with me is humbling. Testimonials like this are common:

“Your coaching has had a massive impact on me - helping me clarify my true purpose and as a result balance work and improve my health, family relationships and work and my happiness.” — Mr. CEO/Founder

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