Change for the better and happier

Leading transformation is an essential skill today and yet it's not an easy path.

Regardless of our industry sector, the need to collaborate, innovate and achieve results under pressure has perhaps never been greater in our lifetime. This may seem like an almost impossible task, but with the right kind of coaching, even the most intractable situations shift and incredible transformation can take place.

I bring over 25 years experience in Banking & Markets, FinTech and Entrepreneurship and 8 years of hands on systemic coaching experience. I work with all levels of an organisation, joining 'us and them' to make 'we'. Creating trusting, collaborative, enriching environments in which everyone enjoys working better, faster, happier, sustainably.


Transformational Leadership Coaching

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Leadership, Team and Organisational Coaching

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Bespoke Facilitation, Training and Executive Coaching

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