Become the more that life is calling you to be

Is This You?

  • You've achieved great, perhaps incredible things in your life.
  • You feel the pull to be so much more.
  • You've done a lot of inner work, courses and programs. It's helped but you still feel held back somehow.
  • You are very task focussed. Your mind runs so fast you are often streets ahead of others who often don't seem to understand you.
  • You feel so much more inside you, you just can't seem to tap it.
  • You often feel at war with yourself inside. Your relationship with yourself isn't great. You wish relationships with others were easier.
  • You care for others, yet eating right, exercising, taking care of yourself is difficult.
  • You may secretly experience the pull of addiction.

Coaching with me is very different

I don’t seek to change you. You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are.

As your life unfolds, you find yourself struggling because you don’t realise you’re climbing a mountain, lost in the fog, finding it so very hard, suffering because you it should feel like an easy walk in the park. You have probably forgotten how powerful you are.

Life sets the agenda and presents a stream of challenges that call us to step up and grow.

I engage you as a partner in the coaching process and together we discover through collaborative inquiry what is most beneficial work we can do together.

We explore your heart connection: what really matters to you, more meaningful purpose of your life, growing your capacity so that you are able to step up to the new challenges that life presents you with freedom and ease in your body and mind. Trusting yourself to be the more that life is calling you to be.

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