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Meet Sam Kiani

I’m a change alchemist, a wayfinder, a light bearer.

I help heal division, transforming ‘us’ and ‘them’ into ‘we’, restoring wholeness.

As life unfolds, you can find yourself struggling because you don’t realise you’re climbing a mountain. Feeling lost in the fog, finding it so very hard, suffering because you it should feel like an easy walk in the park. You have probably forgotten how powerful you are.

Or perhaps it’s your department or organisation that is similarly struggling. A lack of trust in the culture, perhaps outright conflict, nothing gets delivered on time, stakeholders, customers are unhappy, you're losing market share.

This is my speciality: I help high achievers and organisations who feel somehow held back, discover and step into their full power and potential.

With great thanks to my teachers and guides over many years, across many disciplines including psychology, coaching, spirituality, business, entrepreneurship and agility, I hold gentle yet powerful, transformational space for you.

This enables you to free yourself, find yourself and trust yourself and each other again. Nothing feels better than feeling truly connected, vital and alive; tapped in, tuned in and turned on, with the fullness of who you really are flowing through you. Able to be the more you yearn to be.

I call this alchemy, the deep work of real, irreversible transformation.

Our world needs us to shine and radiate, not just for our benefit, but for all those around us.


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I partner with you, hold the torch and be your guide, so that you find in you and become the more that life is calling you to be.



Experiential Learning, Coaching & Facilitation to help Leaders, Teams and Organisations develop agility on the path of transformation.



Keynote Speaking, Retreats and online bite-size events that give you the opportunity to experience the energy of Sam and


Real Results, Real Stories


Leadership: Busting The Myths of Perfection

28-02-2022 - Sam Kiani

I've been thinking deeply about what it means to be a great team mate, what it is to be a good leader.


Being SEEN and Secrets of Self Confidence

28-02-2022 - Sam Kiani

This is the moment I met and had a great conversation with the great John Gray, author of many books including Beyond Mars and Venus, one of the best on relationships in todays ...

Authenticity vs Fitting in

28-02-2022 - Sam Kiani

Here's me being silly in Oslo ????????

Looking at this sculpture art work made me think...


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