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Meet Sam Kiani

I am a Certified Relationship & Conflict Resolution Coach and I work in this field as I have lived and breathed conflict. I have been there. Just like you.

I have had to navigate the horror of being bullied at my corporate job, waded through toxic work environments, survived the heartbreak of abuse and had to renegotiate challenging relationships my whole life, despite being sensitive and feeling pretty scared and avoidant of conflict to be honest.

I’m not a victim, I am a survivor. I’ve learned to become far more comfortable with conflict and find the jewels hidden within that have helped me change my life and my world around me for the better. And I want this for you too.

I work alongside my clients to provide support and help them navigate the stress and pain of a difficult relationship - perhaps hating ourself, a marriage in trouble or family issue, or difficult relationships at work with a person or a team issue.

Drawing upon the depth of my training and experience in psychology, coaching, spirituality, business, entrepreneurship and agility, I specialise in creating bespoke solutions for both individuals and teams to trust themselves more, trust each other more and to quite frankly, create the magic they’re here to create!

Whether little ‘c’ or big ‘C’ conflict, we can all benefit from creating more inner peace and bringing more harmony to our relationships. Relationships are the essence of life. Consider me your coach and guide, your catalyst if you will, who creates the optimum environment for learning, connection and exploration for a gentle yet powerful transformation to take place.

Work With Me

Relationship & Conflict Coaching

Perhaps you are tied up in conflict with yourself, or at war with someone else.

Working with me helps you find relief and resolution, changing your life, your world for the better, without compromising yourself.


Rei Ki Energy Treatment

Treatment combining Usui Rei Ki, sound healing and warming infrared PEMF Crystal
Therapy for deep profound relaxation and recovery.

Because sometimes words get in the way.


Crystal Bowl Sound Baths

Last Friday of each month. 7:30 – 9pm

Time for you. Deeply relaxing, restoring group ceremonies, centred on 7 chakra crystal bowl set and other instruments, redlight, aromatherapy & Usui Rei Ki..


Real Results, Real Stories


When Relationships Get ill.... and how to detox your relationship

01-06-2023 - Samantha Kiani

When it really matters, we typically don’t talk about our feelings and what we are longing for, we talk about what’s wrong. 

Maybe we try to talk about how we feel but somehow it seems to cause a row.   We want for more, we feel let down, we may fe

Feeling a bit meh, a bit lonely?  Intimacy, loneliness and finding our way back

26-05-2023 -

Today we explore the 4 big interconnected territories of intimacy and loneliness, communication and our needs…

Intimacy is that feeling of connection and trust that arises from feeling really seen, heard and understood; shared moments of emotional connection in time.  That yum yum yum heart smiley feeling that seems to fill us also with

Feeling sorely unappreciated?  It might just be a plumbing problem….

19-05-2023 -

Growing up, I was sure my Mum hated me.  The things she said to me seemed to a deliberate attempt to hurt me.  It seemed like no one understood me.  Seemed like I was the black sheep of the family, I just didn’t fit in. 


I discovered later (after much therapy, inner work a

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